diSplay Learning : Curriculum eSURG&SIM
The Curriculum eSURG&SIM is the first module available for the software diSplay Learning. It is part of an innovative teaching tool that allows to develop preclinical thinking, before performing the surgical procedure itself, for the analysis of specific patient cases. eSURG&SIM is a module of digestive surgery and virtual suture for the students of the Faculties of Medicine.
Preview of the Homepage of the Curriculum eSURG&SIM
Preview of the Homepage of the Curriculum eSURG&SIM
A curriculum perfectly adapted to the needs of the user and that allows a reflexive learning. It makes it possible to intuitively manipulate deformable and operable patient-specific digestive organs, in order to test possible surgical approaches, to simulate bio-mechanical consequences on the stomach and to measure the final results.
The Module
The Curriculum eSURG&SIM is entirely dedicated to digestive surgical planning on stomach lesions. The aim of the module is that of providing an insight on the possible surgical procedures that may be conducted on the stomach in order to remove, in an efficient and effective manner, the envisaged pathology. Furthermore, the software provides for the possibility of visualizing the consequences on the operated organs.
For both incisions and sutures, diSplay Learning is able to predict the bio-mechanical tensions of the organs’ tissues. In this way, it provides a realistic and useful tool for medicine students, through which it is possible to calculate and foresee the best process to conduct a certain surgical procedure on the virtual patient. Of course, the presence of a medical professor is compulsory to grant the success of the surgical course.
The Steps

Hereunder, the four different steps that characterize the Curriculum eSURG&SIM.

The Surgical Approach - Module eSURG&SIM


Define the pathway for the resection of a gastric tumor, by incising the patient on the skin along a line that you have drawn beforehand.
Virtual Surgery: 1st Trial - Module eSURG&SIM


Perform a virtual surgery for the first time, cutting and then suturing a patient’s stomach to treat the gastric tumor envisaged.
Ranking Exercise - Module eSURG&SIM


Visualize and compare different surgical results proposed. Subsequently try to rank them from the top down (from the best, to the worst).
Virtual Surgery: 2nd Trial - Module eSURG&SIM


Perform once again a virtual surgery on the virtual patient envisaged, trying to improve your first trial seen in STEP 2.
The tools

In order to perform the different steps, the software provides the possibility of using several surgical planning features.

Display Stess - Module eSURG&SIM


The Display Stress tool allows the students to show or hide the stresses at the level of the operated organs’ tissues. After a suture, for instance, the student is able to evaluate the quality of the surgical action executed.
Cut Tool - Module eSURG&SIM


Through the Cut Tool, it is possible to perform an incision or a resection on the skin or on the organs of the virtual patient. By freely placing one or more points, the software simulates the performed action.
Retractors - Module eSURG&SIM


In order to open up the incision or the resection previously performed, the students can use the Retractors Tool. By placing pairs of points, the software simulates the opening according to the chosen position and direction.
Suture - Module eSURG&SIM


Once the incision is performed, it is necessary to close the wound. To do so, the student can use the Suture Tool. By freely placing pair of points, the software simulates the closing of the incision.
Fill with air - Module eSURG&SIM


The Fill With Air Tool allows the simulation of the stomach’s inflation, once it is filled with air. It is a useful tool to visualize the possible tensions at the level of the organs’ tissues and challenge the strength of your suturing points…
Sectional Views - Module eSURG&SIM


Visualize the patient’s conformation of the organs, as if the student was using a scanner! Through the sectional views, you will have access to the transversal, sagittal and frontal plane.
The test
The students of the Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg have already tested the Module eSURG&SIM during a surgical course.
The June 15, 2018, 17 students from Faculty of Medicine of Strasbourg tested the virtual suture module integrated into the software diSplay Learning: the Curriculum eSURG&SIM. Distributed in pairs and manipulating tactile interfaces, they followed the various stages of the curriculum, including a preliminary questionnaire on paper to test their level of knowledge, and a paper support on the presented clinical case. During the session, they could interact with Dr. Isabelle Talon, who provided them with interesting insight on the surgical actions and procedures they were executing.
A successful collaboration
The Module eSURG&SIM is the result of the successful collaboration between three players of the healthcare industry of Strasbourg.
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