Hacking Health Camp

is back in 2019.

Again, designers, developers and healthcare profesionals are gathering to create the future of healthcare !

InSimo @ HHCAMP 2019

Hacking Health Camp is a three days international event bringing together people from different background and specialities in order to build the future of health. The goal is to transform ideas into functional solutions in record time. Anyone who want to contribute in healthcare innovation can join !

This year, InSimo brings a project to the event.

Lumbar puncture is a delicate technical procedure, stressful for both the patient and the practitioner. In order to reduce anxiety for the practitioner, InSimo is working, with the rheumatology team of Pr. Gottenberg from Strasbourg University Hospital, on a simulator prototype to allow training before performing on the first patient.
Sim&Care - Augmented reality simulation

How to allow medical students and professionals to train at lumbar punction on a virtual anatomy ?

The challenge is to make a solution as immersive and realistic as needed for the training to be efficient. Starting from the first functional prototype with force feedback available, we now wish to imagine and design the virtual or mixed environment of the teaching application.
We need to reproduce the context of the medical act, not only to integrate the technical gesture learning, but also the human relationship between the medical staff and the patients.

If you also want to contribute to breaking down the barrier of innovation in healthcare, just join us from the 22nd to 24th march at the Medical University Forum in Strasbourg.

We hope to see you there!

More information on our project and on Hacking Health Camp 2019.

Back on the event

InSimo - HHCAMP 2019
It was a busy week-end. After a one minute pitch on Friday afternoon to present the project, InSimo members were really glad to be joined by a designer, two developers, two health professionals, an entrepreneur and a patient. A nice and eclectic team to help us imagine our mixed reality environment to make our lumbar puncture simulator more immersive.
We started with a brainstorming session, to come out with 5 main ideas to work on during the weekend. The goal was to allow the students using our device to feel the closest to reality.
And then, the work began. Members of the team worked side by side on one hand to develop the technical and visual aspects of the solution, and on the other hand to consider the business angle.
After a lot of hours and one sleepless night for one of our developers, we were (almost) ready to present our project in 3 minutes in front of a jury. Despite some technical issues, we were able to show what we had worked on during those two days, and to demonstrate the utility of our solution.

Among other very interesting and innovative projects, we were really happy to obtain the « Transgene – BioValley France – Health Factory » Award , which will allow us to continue to develop our project and the aspects we imagine during this inspiring weekend.

InSimo - Hacking Health Camp Strasbourg 2019

A big thank you to our wonderful team, volunteers, coaches and partners who made the event possible !!!

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