The 26th International Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium organized by the SFCE (French Society of Endoscopic Surgery) will take place in Paris from the 24 to the 26 January. InSimo is back again this year to present its last results on Endosleeve planning simulation.

We will demonstrate our recent results on EndoSleeve simulation and planning in our diSplay Learning application.

InSimo’s team will present the software diSplay Learning. A new opportunity to discover and try our innovative pedagogical solution for virtual surgical planning. An interactive and reflexive way to learn clinical reasoning for medical students.

This year, we’ll present in exclusivity the resulting prototype of our collaboration with IHU Strasbourg and Pr. Silvana Perretta on bariatric surgery : the endosleeve module.

Try different surgical approaches and their consequences on a virtual patient! Test, visualize, measure and monitor your operating strategies, step by step. diSplay Learning, associated with its first curriculums, is today an innovative teaching tool, a real virtual dissection table to teach the surgical approach and the preoperative reasoning to medical students.
diSplay - Multi support simulation
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