From the 20 to the 25 August, 2018, InSimo Digestive Planning Training Software, diSplay Learning, will participate to the B.E.S.T. Programme.

B.E.S.T. - Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies

B.E.S.T., Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies, is an opportunity for anyone who wants to discover the surgical technologies’ world!

diSplay Learning in a dedicated session
On August 23, InSimo will participate to the event B.E.S.T. with its innovative surgical planning solution: diSplay Learning. The participants of the program on surgical technologies will have the opportunity to test our latest module, eSURG&SIM. The brand-new curriculum is entirelly dedicated to digestive surgical planning on stomach lesions: the result of a successful collaboration between InSimo, GEPROVAS and UNISIMES.
Medical students testing our surgical planning software, diSplay Learning
The event
On August 23rd, InSimo will participate with a diSplay Learning demo to the event B.E.S.T. in Strasbourg. B.E.S.T. literally means Business Engineering and Surgical Technologies. It is a program created by the IRCAD, a non-profit organisation dedicated to students and young professionals of the medical field keen on Minimally Invasive Surgical Strategies (MISS).
B.E.S.T.’s objective is that of educating the participants on MISS techniques, regardless of their professional background, in order to make this training appealing and to spur surgical innovation. The education program proposed by B.E.S.T. will be provided through web courses and traditional courses presented thanks to the collaboration and partnership of IRCAD and IHU in Strasbourg, France.
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The Program
  • From the 20 to the morning of the 24 August 2018
    Onsite courses: Students will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to smoothly navigate through minimally invasive surgery, engineering and business, developping their own prototype and creating a business plan.
  • 24 – 25 August 2018
    Symposium: a conference that covers the latest innovations in medical technology from a multidisciplinary point of view. The panel of speakers includes industry and health experts as well as internationally renowned researchers and innovators.
The Partners
IRCAD France - Research Institute against Digestive Cancer

The IRCAD, the Research Institute against Digestive Cancer, is nowadays recognized worldwide as a reference training center in minimally invasive surgery. It opened in 1994, on the grounds of the University Hospital of Strasbourg by an idea of the Professor Jacques Marescaux of creating an original research and training center on MISS. IRCAD’s research orientation has always been directed towards the development of less invasive surgical techniques.

The IHU, the Image-Guided Surgery Institute is a unique medical-surgical center dedicated to the treatment of digestive tract pathologies. It is based in Strasbourg and it known to be an institute offering personalized care to patients, using the less invasive surgical techniques. At the same time, it is a research and an international training center that every year welcomes professionals and students to teach minimally invasive surgical practices.

IHU - Institut de Chirurgie Guidée par l'Image
« We must begin to recognize the inborn potential locked within students. The time has come to flood their minds with the stimulation necessary to get ahead in a changing world. Early education shapes the basic architecture of the student’s profile. With enough exposure, students will develop a mind-processor that can handle the flood of data that life throws at them later, and help to find their own path. »
Silvana Peretta, Executive Director – B.E.S.T. Website
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