The 22nd and the 23rd of May 2019, InSimo will be at MedTech Live.

InSimo @ MedTech Live

MedtecLIVE is the new event for the medical supply chain. It is the result of MedTech Europe and MT Connect joining forces to create THE new medical technology event. MedtecLIVE targets the entire medical technology supply chain, from prototyping to full scale manufacturing and post manufacturing processes.

InSimo will be present alongside other MedTech actors from Strasbourg gathered by Strasbourg Eurométropole for the occasion. A booth will also be shared with « Regensburg Healthcare », showing the collaboration between Strasbourg and the german city of Regensburg.

InSimo &

Discover our
Simulation Software for Surgical Planning!

Come and discuss the future of medical simulation with us and discover our innovative virtual dissection software diSplay Learning!

diSplay Learning is a interactive surgical procedure simulation software using patient-specific virtual organs with high-fidelity behaviour. It allows the development of clinical reasoning through surgical strategies experimentation and enables to plan the best operating strategy for a specific patient.

What if surgeons could foresee the best surgical strategy possible for a specific patient?

A preview of the software diSplay Learning

A preview of the software diSplay Learning.

InSimo @ MedTech Live
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