InSimo_TeamInSimo is a startup founded in January 2013. The creation of the company was conducted thanks to members of Inria (French academic institute of computer science and numeric research). These scientists have chosen entrepreneurship to develop their academic research to practical and marketable applications.

InSimo is based in the Strasbourg Civil Hospital near the Institute of Image Guided Surgery (IHU). Established in 2011, this latter is specialized in hybrid surgery with a quadruple mission: healthcare activities, research and development, training, and technology transfer. IHU was created by founders sharing the same vision of innovation, including IRCAD (Research Institute against Cancer of the Digestive System) and Inria. InSimo has chosen to contribute and benefit to this local ambition focused on the achievement of medical industry. Thus, the company is powered by a great context of industrial collaborations, startups development support and new business opportunities.

Medical Environment

On location of the Civil Hospital, InSimo is host in IRCAD, a private medical research center founded by Professor Jacques Marescaux in 1994. This worldwide recognized center is a reference for minimally invasive surgery. Annually, It trains more than 3500 international doctors thanks to the European Institute of TeleSurgery, physics platform training institute and WeBSurg (World Electronic Book of Surgery), its virtual university specialized in surgery. This international recognition has enabled IRCAD open twin institutes, Taïwan in 2008, and Barretos, Brazil, in 2011.

All these IHU and IRCAD characteristics provide an environment particularly favorable for the development of InSimo.

Current Activity

The company activity is divided into custom made R&D for the first customers who placed their trust in us, and background research on next generation simulation solutions. Our emblematic main goal, which is focused on by most of the team: Ensure the success of a highly challenged ambition supported by the HelpMeSee organization. The objective of this american association is to eradicate blindness due to cataract by 2030, which represents around 20 million people worldwide. For this project, InSimo sets up an innovative simulation software for an eye surgery operation called MSICS (Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery). The startup works hand in hand with Moog for the development of the hardware and SenseGraphics for realistic rendering. This common work will provide an high fidelity simulator that will allow the education of 30 000 surgeons to MSICS, in order to cure patients affected by cataract.

To effectively address this first challenge, the startup team is mostly composed of technical experts (engineers and researchers) selected for their complementary skills in different fields: computer science, mechanics, physics, etc.

Since 10 years, Inria puts healthcare among its main research and development activities: I am delighted that InSimo is consequence of this choice!

Michel Cosnard
CEO of Inria

Strasbourg University Hospital Institute built one of its main research programs on medical simulation. We are closely collaborating with Inria to develop in Strasbourg a center of excellence on simulation and augmented reality for surgery. It is not by chance that InSimo is the first startup implanted within IHU

Professeur Jacques Marescaux
CEO of IHU Strasbourg, President and Founder of the IRCAD