Lilly offers innovative training sessions on InSimo's Sim&Care augmented reality simulator - France Bleu - October 2021

Lilly offers the InSimo’s Sim&Care simulator for innovative training in lumbar puncture with augmented reality simulator in several french hospital departments.
These sessions will be open to young doctors and experienced practitioners. On the onde hand, the simulator will allow the staff of the departments concerned to train on the tool, and on the other hand, InSimo will benefit from essential user feedback in order to continue to improve its tool.

InSimo starts the development of simulation modules for learning new interventional endoscopy techniques - Juin 2021

InSimo is proud to announce the launch of the ENSIST project (Endoscopic Simulation for Surgical Training) in partnership with IHU Strasbourg, supported by the Region Grand Est, for the development of simulation modules dedicated to learning new surgical techniques using endoscopy approach.

Biovalley enhances the healthtech initiatives taken in Grand Est Region, France, against COVID 19 - May 2021

Discover the presse release of Biovalley, which shows the mobilization of companies in Grand Est, France, to fight COVID 19 ! Find InSimo with its online ultrasound simulator diSplay U/S and its module dedicated to COVID 19 diagnosis page 4.

InSimo launches a mobile app to learn the manipulation of U/S probe manipulation - BFMTV - April 2021

With the diSplay U/S probe app, users can transform their smartphone into an ultrasound transducer. While connected to diSplay U/S on their computer or tablet, they can reproduce and visualize the inclinations of the probe in real time by manipulating their phone.

Pierre-Jean Bensoussan, on air with Hacking Health Camp - March 2021

This 27th March 2021, InSimo had the pleasure to be interviewed about its lumbar puncture simulator Sim&Care, in the occasion of Hacking Health Camp. Discover the evolution of our solution since our participation to HHCAMP 2019 with this replay !

diSplay U/S online ultrasound simulator welcomes new features to learn Lungs Ultrasound POCUS - Buzz E-Santé - March 2021

InSimo is proud to release the new version of its online ultrasound simulator, diSplay U/S. With nearly 500 registered users worldwide, diSplay U/S is now becoming a complete training tool, enriched with advanced educational content designed with the IHU of Strasbourg (Institute of Image-Guided Surgery). Medical students can now enjoy a brand new curriculum dedicated to point-of-care ultrasound training (POCUS).

Read the press release

The press talks about us :

Buzz e-santé

Our lumbar puncture simulator awarded at the Innovation Awards 2020 - Les Echos article - January 2020

InSimo has been awarded for its lumbar puncture simulator Sim&Care at the Grand E-Nov Innovation Award 2020. Bénédicte Weiss, journalist at les Echos, write about our pedagogical simulator which aim is to improves the medical students training regarding delicate gestures.

InSimo dans les Echos - Simulateur de ponction lombaire

Pierre-Jean Bensoussan on air with France Bleu Alsace - Radio Interview - January 2020

InSimo is finalist of the Innovation Trophies organized by Grand E-nov with our Lumbar Punction Simulator ! Our CEO had the pleasure to be interviewed by France Bleu at the aim to explain our projects and our core speciality : educational medical simulation.

Sim&Care - Augmented reality simulation

New phase of development for diSplay Learning - Press release - June 2019

Our virtual dissection software diSplay Learning enters a new phase of development in collaboration with GEPROVAS and UNISIMES. This new phase will enrich the diSplay offer with modules on urological surgery and endovascular surgery.

diSplay - develop clinical reasoning

Pharmaceutiques - January 2017

Pharmaceutiques Article published in the reference pharmaceutical specialized press about research lab technology transfers allowing innovation in industrial companies.

Read the article.

Top 100 of french startups in 2015 - L'Express - September 9, 2015

InSimo is part of the top 100 ranking of french start-up in 2015 !

Read more on L’EXPRESS website

(Startups that hire) In the Grand Est region, InSimo hires... - - August 3, 2015 presents the startups that hire in all the French countries.

On this occasion, InSimo was highlighted. The paper presents the method of recruitement of InSimo and benefits established in the company to attract the best talents.


"InSimo : the benefits of simulation" - - June 23, 2015


This paper explains the mission of InSimo and presents the technology developed in the company.


Startup Assembly - - May 18, 2015

insimo-05-15Strasbourg: startups discovery

e-alsace presents the Startup Assembly and talks about InSimo and its participation in this national event.

Read more on e-alsace.

Startup Assembly Press Release - May 15, 2015

LOGO Startup Assembly carréInSimo opens its doors on May 28 at 6:30pm during the startups festival “Startup Assembly”.

Read more on the Press Release.

Hacking Health Camp - Be Why Blog - March 19, 2015

YDSC00584en BUI writes a blog interested in future innovations. She selected InSimo as one of his favorites companies at the presentation of our startup at the Hacking Health Camp Health Pitch Challenge.

Read more on the [Be Why] Blog.

Hacking Health Camp - - March 18, 2015 presents the Health Pitch Challenge of the Hacking Health Camp. Eleven startups will have 5 minutes to present their products in front of investors and potential partners.

InSimo will participate to this event.


HelpMeSee Press Release - October 10, 2013

First success for InSimo and its partners in the HelpMeSee project. “MSICS simulator proof of concept evidences success.”

Read the press release on HelpMeSee official website.

HelpMeSee Press Release - April 23, 2013

helpmeseeHelpMeSee selects MOOG to develop a leading edge virtual reality eye surgery simulator. InSimo is selected as a subcontractor !

Read the press release on HelpMeSee official website.

InSimo develops a digital patient for the operating room - La Tribune - April 4, 2013

La TribuneInSimo promotes the convergence of digital imaging and surgery.

Read more on Tribune Website.

InSimo Creation - March 7, 2013

INSIMO-LOGO-SLOGAN-SQUARE-BGWHITEInria, the National Intitute for Research in Computer Science and Control, officially announces InSimo creation.


French Government Demo - February 28, 2013

Seminaire gouvernemental sur le numeriqueThe French Prime Minister and other members of the French Government tested the Inria-InSimo cataract surgery simulator prototype.

Read the press release on HelpMeSee official website.

Short Pitch

InSimo is a startup providing biomedical simulation software which are able to reproduce the behavior of organs, tissues and surgical procedures in a realistic and interactive way.

About InSimo

InSimo develops a multispecialty biomechanical software engine for medical simulation. This innovation is the core of surgical simulators, which allows surgeons to gather experience in a virtual environment, following the model of airplane pilots training. Repetition of gestures, facing complications and rare pathological cases… the experience gained is immense and without risks for the patient.

The hyper-realism and interactivity of its technology are strengths which enable InSimo to design the medical simulators of tomorrow.

InSimo was founded in January 2013. For more informations visit

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