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Experience diSplay U/S, our online ultrasound simulator : an intuitive software designed to ensure a complete training on the fundamentals of ultrasound & standardized protocols.

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Practice diagnosis without specific equipment with already

more than 50 exercises and clinical cases

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    Get started by exploring two healthy patients and learn how to manipulate the probe  with diSplay U/S Probe app

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    Pulmonary & POCUS

    Lung ultrasound following the POCUS protocol for COVID-19 diagnosis

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    Learn the fundamentals of obstetric ultrasound and endometriosis identification

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    FAST U/S

    Learn trauma diagnosis following the FAST protocol

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    Renal clinical ultrasound

    Conduct a kidney ultrasound and learn how to identify common pathologies

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    Add an innovative, fun and interactive solution to your training suitable for both face-to-face and distance learning.

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    Complete your continuing training with autonomous practice on the fundamentals of ultrasound. Train with no risk, practice with confidence!

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    Discover ultrasound in full autonomy and put your skills in practice through exercises dedicated to learning standardized procotols.

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  • Learning by doing

Train in autonomy with guided exercises. Follow the instructions to capture the best images and make your diagnosis.

  • Pathological case

Scan virtual patients coming from real CT data.Choose your patient-case, access its medical file and start you ultrasound exploration.

  • Accessible

Transform any connected computer into a virtual ultrasound machine. No custom hardware needed to train on diSplay U/S.

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Look for pathologies as a real exam, thanks to our real time ultrasound images simulation. Our virtual patients can be examined without limits.

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Practice the ultrasound gesture with diSplay U/S probe app

Discover the diSplay U/S probe app!

Control the virtual ultrasound probe with your smartphone!

Add gesture to your hands-on learning by naturally manipulating the probe.

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An ultrasound learning tool developed with medical experts

The origins of diSplay U/S
Our simulator has been developed to help train medical professionals and medical students to diagnose and monitor COVID-19 through lung ultrasound.

The project now…
We then continued our efforts to provide an accessible and versatile solution for global ultrasound learning. Thanks to diSplay Learning, you can now train for the fundamentals of Lungs Ultrasound, and the diagnosis protocol POCUS.

What’s next?
Our team is working to broaden the scope of our simulator, to offer an ever-expanding training offer to meet the needs of as many people as possible. Therefore, you will soon be able to learn everything about the emergency protocol FAST.

Telediag Medic@lps IHU Strasbourg

Some references…

  • Buonsenso, D., Pata, D., & Chiaretti, A. (2020). COVID-19 outbreak: less stethoscope, more ultrasound. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine https://doi.org/10.1016/s2213-2600(20)30120-x
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