InSimo provides biomechanical simulation software able to reproduce realistic and interactive behavior of organs and surgical procedures.

Our goal is to offer new opportunities in surgical training simulators:


  • Reproducing complication cases
  • Performing the training of a high number of surgeons in a reduced time
  • Integrating new technologies
Custom simulation - Medical simulation

Full-featured solutions for medical physics simulation

We have the team able to replicate organs behavior, surgery tools and their interactions for true to life virtual surgery. From the finest suture to the latest surgery robot, we work with you to simulate the most advanced surgical techniques. Coupled with cutting edge haptic devices and the newest rendering techniques, we provide the finest simulators.

Highly realistic anatomical modeling and interactions

We adapt state of the art results of research for you to represent any kind of organs, pathologies and techniques. We do not aim at simply replicating a sequence of gestures, we aim at replicating the field of reality. Trainees must be responsive and able to handle complications.

Integration in your existing development process

We are able to integrate our latest results within your work process as well as producing brand new simulators. If you already developed rendering or haptic feedback, we integrate our work within your core models.

Specific developments for your hardware

We adapt our developments to your needs, according to your device, wether you need haptic feedback, 3D display, bimanual interaction. Because each simulator needs its specific interface.

How can we help you?


You want to develop new surgery simulators?

We offer you a flexible and scalable offer of simulation software according to your request. You will benefit from updates to enjoy the latest technology thanks to our adequate, effective and prompt solutions to integrate. We can model the physical behavior of tissues with an innovative technology which will bring you a real value to your offering simulators.

You want to provide an educational offer to suit your learning needs?

We have the expertise and the adequate partners to fulfill your request. With our ultra-realistic simulators, we can partner with leading players in the field and you can stand out from other training centers.

You are interested in the progress of the surgery simulation?

Let us combine our know-how and expertise to create the tomorrow simulator at the cutting edge of technology. We already have a close collaboration with a surgeon specialist of cataract surgery and we are open to any new collaboration with specialists in other fields of expertise.