InSimo creates the cutting edge physics based software simulation engines essentials to meet surgery learning and surgical trainings needs.

Real surgical feeling, anatomical realism and unlimited interactions

powered by an uncompromising physics based modeling.

Without doubt, the best technical strategy required to satisfy the next generation simulators ambitions.


Medical expertise and patients data allow to build simulator reproducing reality. To this end, we work hand in hand with the professional to focus on true needs for training.


We are specialised in physical modelisation. We integrate the latest research results in your new applications or existing frameworks.


Precise haptic control and high definition display remove the frontier between the simulation and what actually happens during surgery.

Custom Simulation - realtime biomechanics simulation

Academic Research Background

As a spinoff of the French national research institute for computer science (Inria), InSimo keeps close relationships with the academic community. We bring the best from each world, cutting edge innovations powered by high level professional standards.

Medical Environment

InSimo was created within the Institute of image guided surgery (IHU) in Strasbourg. Consequently we benefit from a rich local medical expertise which favors the realism and medical relevance of our simulations.