Discover our needle insertion simulator and enjoy high-fidelity technology

Immersion within the gesture

Sim&Care combines reality with the learning of patient care and virtual training for gesture training. This unique simulator represents the anatomy of a patient and allows an immersion in augmented reality as well as a gesture feeling faithfully reproduced thanks to a strength feedback. A hybrid simulator offering students the opportunity to practice without risk to the patient while allowing the development of the human skills necessary for the success of this medical procedure, which is still too often feared.


Thanks to an augmented reality environment, practice the gesture as if you were there. Combining reality with patient management and virtual to perform the needle insertion procedure, this unique educational simulator allows students to gain confidence and dexterity!


Feel the sensations of a lumbar puncture thanks to a strength feedback interface. It adapts the sensations according to the area you are passing through. Thanks to a haptic arm users perceive differences in densities that are highly realistic.


Sim&Care offers a unique and highly realistic interactive simulation of a patient’s anatomy. That allows you to accurately see and anticipate every detail of a lumbar puncture or other needle insertion procedure.


It was a great meeting between our team with Professor Gottenberg and Dr. Felten which led to the development of the Sim&Care simulator. This lumbar puncture simulator was developed in collaboration with the rheumatology department of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg (Hautepierre). The team participated with interest and commitment at all stages of the simulator’s development: medical experts who ensure the clinical validation of the product and its pedagogical contribution.

Sim&Care on the field
A rewarded product
Grand Est Region Award – Grand E-Nov Innovation Trophees 2020
Laureate of the Tango&Scan call for project 2019 – Strasbourg Eurométropole
Transgène, France Biovalley & Health Factory award – Strasbourg Hacking Health Camp 2019
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