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Train for lung ultrasound anywhere at anytime

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    Access online on any device

    Access our online simulator anywhere at anytime and learn how to recognize COVID-19 pulmonary lesions for free.
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    Enjoy an interactive training

    Move the ultrasound probe on your patient’s thorax and back with your mouse or on your tactile device to scan the lungs.
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    Analyze real patient data

    Train on patient-specific anatomies built from CT data and analyze ultrasound images simulated in real time.

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InSimo is proud to present the first Online Ultrasound Simulator.

 Lung Ultrasound for COVID-19 diagnosis module, is available for free to help resolve the current global health crisis.

For any question or support required, contact us at display.support@insimo.com.

Lung ultrasound module in a nutshell

Visualise and diagnose different degree of damages depending on the patient

  • U/S probe settings

  • U/S probe manipulation

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  • Choose the patient case and access the patient's medical record

  • Manipulate the ultrasound probe on your patient's thorax and back

  • Explore the lungs of your patient and visualise lesions caused by COVID-19

  • Diagnose the disease and the degree of damages to the lungs

According to recent evidences based on experience in Italy and China, lung ultrasound represents a useful diagnosis tool in the identification and monitoring of respiratory symptoms in COVID-19, especially in emergency context.
Compared to other methods used to detect and monitor COVID-19 (stethoscope, lung radiography, CT-scan), ultrasound presents several crucial advantages. It is a sensitive and quick exam that is easily repeatable and therefore allow an efficient monitoring of the patient over time. It is also radiation-free, lower cost, and doesn’t require a complicated logistics (no transfer of patients to CT-Scan, easy to clean).

We are convinced that simulation can help to get more people trained around the world to fight against COVID-19. This simulator, developed in a record time, is available for free. It will be constantly improved and patient cases will be added regularly.

diSplay U/S : Online Ultrasound Simulator by InSimo

Want to contribute ?

This module has been developed to help train medical professionals to diagnose and monitor COVID-19 through lung ultrasound. Real patient data are used to be the most accurate possible, and cover all the complications that may be observed in COVID-19.

If you have patient data that you would like to integrate in the module and share with the whole medical community, please contact us!


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