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Lung ultrasound training module


for COVID-19 diagnosis


by InSimo

diSplay - COVID-19 simulation
diSplay - Lung ultrasound simulator
Online version now available!
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Ultrasounds are now available on diSplay Learning. The first application, U/S COVID-19 diagnosis simulation training, is available for free to help resolve the current global health crisis.

No custom hardware is required to use this module.

Simulation is a powerful tool allowing quick and massive training of healthcare professionals on the front line. Thanks to our technologies and expertise in medical simulation, and helped by our local partners, we are happy to propose this training module for COVID-19 diagnosis using lung ultrasound. It has been specifically designed to train medical professionals during this crisis to fight against this disease.

We are convinced that simulation can help to get more people trained around the world to fight against COVID-19. This module, developed in a record time, will be constantly improved and patient cases will be added regularly.

For any question or support required, contact us at display.support@insimo.com.

According to recent evidences based on experience in Italy and China, lung ultrasound represents a useful diagnosis tool in the identification and monitoring of respiratory symptoms in COVID-19, especially in emergency context.
Compared to other methods used to detect and monitor COVID-19 (stethoscope, abdominal radiography, CT-scan), ultrasound presents several crucial advantages. It is a sensitive and quick exam that is easily repeatable and therefore allow an efficient monitoring of the patient over time. It is also radiation-free, lower cost, and doesn’t require a complicated logistics (no transfer of patients to CT-Scan, easy to clean).
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With the U/S module for COVID-19 diagnosis, no need for any hardware other than your PC.

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    Free access on any connected device

    Available for local execution or online, InSimo provides this U/S training simulator based on CT Scans patient data as a module of our surgical planning simulator diSplay Learning.
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    Experience training of U/S on simulated COVID-19 patient cases

    Manipulate the ultrasound probe (inclination, orientation, pressure) with your mouse or on your tactile device and move it on your patient’s thorax and back to scan the lungs.
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    Analyze real patient data and learn how to find COVID-19 specific lesions

    Visualize the ultrasound image on your screen and detect COVID-19 specific patterns for several patient-cases presenting different degree of severity.

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This module has been developed to help train medical professionals to diagnose and monitor COVID-19 through lung ultrasound. We are using real patient data to be the most accurate possible, and cover all the complications that may be observed in COVID-19.

If you have patient data that you would like to integrate in the module and share with the whole medical community, please contact us!

diSplay - Surgical Simulation Software
The U/S training application for COVID-19 diagnosis is available as a module of our surgical planning simulator diSplay Learning.
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diSplay - patient specific virtual organs
Example of a patient-case

Learn how to diagnose COVID-19 with

patient-specific cases

Choose among the available patient-cases and perform an ultrasound on the lungs of a patient, built from scanner images.

Search, visualise and measure, the pulmonary damages caused by COVID-19 and diagnose your patient.

Luis Vidoc

Age: 61 years old

Situation: Married, no children

Profession: Service-agent

Lung ultrasound

Visualise and diagnose different degree of damages depending on the patient

  • U/S probe settings

  • U/S probe manipulation

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  • Choose the patient case and access the patient's medical record

  • Manipulate the ultrasound probe on your patient's thorax and back

  • Explore the lungs of your patient and visualise lesions caused by COVID-19

  • Diagnose the disease and the degree of damages to the lungs


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Our partners

The development of this module was made possible by the responsiveness and involvement of our partners.