InSimo goes Back to Med School in Nivelles
from February 10 to 11!

The BTMS congress allows you to return to the benches of the university! For two days, rediscover the fundamentals of your practice, and update your knowledge in accordance with recent recommendations.
This year is all about the heart with one clear objective: refresh your clinical reflexes!
You'll be there? Test our simulators!
diSplay U/S, online ultrasound simulator

Experience diSplay U/S, our online ultrasound simulator : an intuitive software designed to ensure a complete training in the fundamentals of ultrasound and standardized protocols.

Before the congress, make the most of our content about diSplay U/S
Sim&Care, daily medical gestures simulator

Sim&Care is the first hybrid simulator allowing student to train under real conditions for delicate medical procedures without any risk for the patient.
Enjoy an educational experience combining reality and virtual for an immersive, comprehensive and human training.

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