5ème Colloque Francophone de Simulation en Santé, 2016

Qualité et sécurité – Recherche – Pédagogie – Numérique

2nd Congress Teaching Minimal Invasive Therapies, 2016

Surgery & Interventional Radiology

Photos courtesy and copyright of MK Communication.

The joint meeting, combining the fifth french symposyum on health simulation and the second congress teaching minimal invasive therapies will be held in Clermont Ferrand from March 23 to 25.

The ambition is to bring together medical and paramedical specialities on the theme, currently major, of learning through simulation in order to promote a new pedagogic paradigm and optimize health quality.

Meet us on our shared booth with the SOFA consortium. We’ll be happy to present you our unique continuum from state of the art academic research on biomechanical simulation to high fidelity medical solutions production.

We’ll also be part of the roundtable meeting on thursday 24th on the subject of : Trainers in front of virtual reality simulators industrial manufacturers.

We hope to see you there.