IHU Strasbourg - Nanomedicine, Modeling, Virtual Reality and Robotics applied to Surgery 2016

Let’s meet @ First European Workshop of Medtech Alsace !

Strasbourg IHU organizes the first annual scientific workshop aiming to strengthen cooperation between researchers, companies and investors working in the fields of Nanomedicine, Modelling, Virtual Reality and Robotics applied to Surgery, in the framework of the French MedTech Alsace.

This major event is associated with the European Materials Research Society, a learned society created 33 years ago by Paul Siffert. With more than 3.200 members, the E-MRS differs from many single-discipline professional societies by encouraging scientists, engineers and research managers to exchange information on an interdisciplinary platform.

Come, let’s meet and try our surgical planning demo ! We’ll be present on the 15th November at the networking event which will take place in the Haras BioCluster. InSimo, as several other innovative Medtech Startups, will present a live demo.

More information on IHU website.