The Annual SOFFCO.MM Congress will take place
from the 23rd to the 25th of May 2019 at Lille Grand Palais.


SOFFCOMM (French and Francophone Society of Obesity Surgery and Metabolic Disorders) gathers physicians, surgeons, researchers and interns involved in hepato-gastroenterology and digestive oncology. Its purpose includes promoting the training of healthcare professionals and the treatment of obesity and metabolic diseases.

InSimo will be there to present its

Simulation Software on Bariatric Surgery Planning.

What if you could foresee the best surgical strategy for gastric sleeve and endosleeve procedures for a specific patient?

Discover and try diSplay Learning, our interactive surgical procedure simulation software using patient-specific virtual organs with high-fidelity behaviour. It allows the development of clinical reasoning through surgical strategies experimentation and enables to plan the best operating strategy for a specific patient.
Try different surgical approaches and their consequences on a virtual patient! Test, visualize, measure and monitor your operating strategies, step by step. diSplay Learning is an innovative teaching tool, a real virtual dissection table to teach the surgical approach and the preoperative reasoning to medical students.
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