diSplay - Surgical Planning Education






diSPlay - bariatric surgery
  • Take care of a virtual patient suffering from morbid obesity

  • Determine the best bariatric procedure to treat your patient

  • Use your patient data to create a curriculum suited to your educational needs

The obesity surgery module has been developed with health professionals based on a patient-specific anatomy reacting to surgical interactions on the diSplay system thanks to biomechanical simulation.


Scalable and interactive, this module will be an educational tool of choice for your courses in bariatric surgery.

diSplay - Endoscopy simulation
Example of a patient-case

Become the actor of the care of

our patient-specific cases

Choose among the proposed patient-cases and analyse Brice Obee case thanks to the 3D model of his anatomy built from scanner images and reacting to surgical procedures thanks to biomechanical simulation.

Test, measure and visualise the consequences of different surgical strategies on this virtual patient without any risks and learn how to choose the best approach.

Brice Obee

Age: 38 years old

Situation: Married, no children

Profession: Free-lance Journalist

Medical History:

Arterial hypertension

Type 2 diabetes

Choice of the appropriate bariatric procedure
diSplay - Patient specific simulation
diSplay - Patient specific simulation
diSplay - Bariatric simulation

Test several surgical strategies to get the best result

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    Scanner images visualisation

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    Sleeve gastrectomy

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    Gastric band

  • Determine the best procedure by studying the patient's anatomy

  • Perform an endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty

  • Or undertake a sleeve gastrectomy

  • Or choose to install a gastric band

The curricula

Learn how to master bariatric surgeries planning step by step thanks to the curricula!

Ideal to animate tutorials, a curriculum enables the students to take care of a clinical case and to plan the whole surgery step by step to understand all the stakes.


Create your tailor-made structured exercise to teach your students precise pedagogical notions.

diSplay - surgical planning education
Example of an available curriculum, BEST
diSplay - virtual patient simulation


Perform your first virtual surgery trial, by applying a pattern of sutures on the inner wall of the stomach to significantly reduce its volume.
diSplay - endosleeve simulation


Visualize and compare different surgical results proposed. Then, try to rank them from the top down (from the best, to the worst).
diSplay - Endosleeve simulation


Perform once again a virtual surgery on the virtual patient, and try to improve your first trial seen in step 1.
Our partners

Academic partner

The curriculum BEST is the result of a successful collaboration the IHU Strasbourg – Institute of Image-Guided Surgery. It has been used during sessions with participants to the BEST training conducted by IHU Strasbourg.

Medical expertise

Pr Silvana Perretta, digestive surgeon and professor for the University of Strasbourg, works with InSimo for the development of bariatric surgery module, especially the endosleeve procedure, and validate medical and educational aspects.