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Simulators by InSimo
diSplay U/S, Hands-on ultrasound training

diSplay U/S



diSplay Learning

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We care for simulation
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Custom Simulation

Let’s build next generation medical simulators together !

HelpMeSee - Cataract surgery simulation


InSimo - Custom Robotic Suturing

Custom Simulation

Next generation medical simulators powered by state-of-the art academic technology
  • InSimo - Haptic Feedback

    Cutting edge technology

    Born in Inria, InSimo keeps close relationships with the academic community and brings the best from each world: cutting edge technology powered by high level professional standards.
  • InSimo - Patient specific simulation

    Medical expertise

    Grown at IHU Strasbourg, InSimo benefits from a unique medical expertise which favors the realism and relevance of its simulations. We work closely with healthcare professionals to focus on real training value.
  • InSimo - Simulation software

    Industrial collaboration

    Strengthened by challenging industrial collaborations throughout the years, InSimo has developed solid industrial partnerships and strong management processes to work on high scope projects.

Our simulations cover a wide range of medical specialties

“Simulation is the solution to ensure the practice and evaluation of medical students before letting them taking care of a patient at the first time”