From the 19 to the 21 September 2018, InSimo with its surgical planning software, diSplay Learning, will participate to the 120th edition of the AFC Congress.

AFC 2018 - Association Française de Chirurgie, Chirurgie Viscérale Innovation et Formation
The event
The 120th edition of the Surgery Congress will take place from 19 to 21 September 2018 in Paris. It is organized by the French Association of Surgery (AFC) and it is considered to be one of the most important events of the field of visceral and digestive surgery. It brings together almost 2000 surgeons, from all over the world.
For this year’s edition, the congress has been completely renewed, in order to better answer to the expectations of the public and to facilitate participants’ access to the main themes. The adaptations and modifications were made accordingly to the constant concern for innovation of the Association. Six different digestive and visceral specialties will be discussed during the conferences, the plenary sessions and the live reports.
As in previous years, the Innovation Village, within the exhibition hall, will house some 30 startups who will present their latest innovations. A jury of experts from the world of innovation will present the AFC Innovation Award 2018. InSimo already participated to the village with the prototype of our surgical planning software, diSplay Learning, on the 118th edition of the Congress.

This year, InSimo is glad to invite you to participate to our Workshop! 

InSimo’s team will present the software diSplay Learning. Discover the seminary and get closer to world of the virtual surgical planning for the learning of clinical reasoning. Three numerus-clausus sessions have been planned, so far, each of the length of one hour each.
During our session, professionals and curious will be able to virtually test different surgical approaches and their consequences on a virtual patient! Test, visualize, measure and monitor your operating strategies, step by step. diSplay Learning, associated with these first curriculums, is today an innovative teaching tool, a real virtual dissection table to teach the surgical approach and the preoperative reasoning to medical students.
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The Association

The French Association of Surgery includes the specialties of digestive surgery, abdominal wall surgery, and endocrine gland surgery’s professionals. This corresponds to the activity of a very large number of surgeons, from the public and liberal sectors. The AFC brings together more than 2,000 surgeons in France.

The concern for Innovation
In the last years, the AFC has accompanied and supported the surgical innovators of the fields, creating the “Innovation Award” and the so-called “Start-ups Village”, present at their Congresses. AFC has the intention of supporting innovation and of taking an active part in it.
InSimo was already present at the start-ups village at the 118th French Congress of Surgery and won the Innovation Contest organized during the event. That prize was assigned to the prototype of our innovative surgical planning solution, diSplay Learning, on digestive pathologies.


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