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InSimo is partner of the 4th edition of the
Surgical Innovation Weekend!

The aim of the Surgical Innovation Weekend is to analyse, understand and consider differently error in surgery and improve care quality.
Gathering surgeons, anesthesists, nurses, mathematicians and digital specialists, this edition will focus on using  mathematical modeling, simulation and artificial intelligence to transform the ways in surgery.

“We will focus this year on preoperative.”

This 4th edition will focus on how to use digital tools during preoperative steps to reduce surgical errors. This issue is in line with InSimo’s expertise which develops organs’ models with high fidelity bio-mechanical behaviour that are used for surgical procedures’ training on virtual patients and to develop clinical reasoning in preoperative planning.
Surgical planning with diSplay Learning
Discover our solution for preoperative planning

“What if you could foresee the best surgical strategy possible for a specific patient ?”

A preview of the software diSplay Learning

diSplay Learning is a surgical procedure simulation software using patient-specific virtual organs with high-fidelity behaviour.
It allows to try several surgical strategies and their consequences on a virtual patient and enables to plan the best operating strategy for a specific patient.

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