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diSplay SimStation
diSplay essential tailored for your classes!
A touchscreen diSplay station

Suited for an optimal software experience

A surgical module of your choice

Read further information about the surgical modules in the options below

The features you will enjoy
  • Access to the patient-case library and visualization of the virtual anatomies

  • Visualization tools and simulation of the surgeries included in the surgical module selected

  • Management of the students’ user accounts

  • Multisupport access to the diSplay online platform

Enjoy a preferential price to equip a whole classroom
Decreasing rate depending on the number of stations
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A smooth usage and a relevance over time assured by technical support and regular updates!

Customize diSplay according to your educational needs!
Surgical modules
A surgical module includes several procedures and is provided with at least one curriculum to fulfill specific educational goals and several patient-cases. The surgical modules are deployed on all your stations and will be regularly updated with new procedures.
Tailor-made curricula
Train your students to plan step by step the best surgery through a structured exercise of your designed.
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    Participate to diSplay enrichment!

Customized patient-cases
Show your students specific anatomical features or particular pathologies by integrating your own patient cases in diSplay.
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    Use your own patient data!

A scalable tool thanks to the regular enrichment of the options!

For lectures

Use diSplay as an interactive support for your lectures with a diSplay SimStation including the module of your surgical specialty and create several customized patient-cases to illustrate your lessons with your own patient data.

For tutorials

Equip your classroom with several diSplay SimSations on which students can work alone or in small groups. Subscribe to surgical modules that suit your needs and create several customized curricula to meet specific educational goals.

diSplay, an awarded tool
Laureate 2018 of the AMI “Digital Economy” from the Region Grand Est
Grant from the BPI (French Public Investment Bank) World Innovation Contest
Jury prize at the 118th AFC Congress (French Association for Surgery)